Blues konsert

lördag maj 20, 2017

“Jeff Jensen Band features blues the way it’s supposed to be: firm in the grasp of tradition while offering a fresh voice that can be enjoyed by any audience.”
— Jim Santella (Southland Blues Magazine)
“Jensen is a solid guitarist, phrasing deftly with just enough macho to make the boys happy and just enough lyricism to make the little girls swoon, and vice-versa. Not to mention he actually knows how to dress up on stage.”
— Rob Cullivan (Portland Tribune)
“Jeff don’t chase any ghosts of Robert Johnson, or fall into the pitfalls of coming off gimmicky... He brings the goods with this no-nonsense production and i cant help but conclude that his songs were constructed for the express purpose of taking on and winning over a live audience... Something I greatly admire, and something he and his band have the extreme talent to do! Enjoy the show!”
— Victor Wainwright (Blues Piano Icon)